Friday, January 14, 2011

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6 WHBK Radio Appearance

Today I opened up the new year with another edition of 1460 WHBK The Team's College Football coverage just moments ago. Chris Kelly had me on his show again as his college football insider and we discussed some of the bowl games we thought were interesting so far. We also discussed the Auburn vs. Oregon matchup for the BCS National Championship. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen my Tweet about the show on where to listen live but if you don't then that's okay. If you'd like to hear my thoughts from tonight's show then be sure to listen below in this embedded player. Be sure to start about the 3:30 mark when the show kicks in.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

USC Welcomes The Dixon Brothers

Gerald Dixon from South Pointe in Rock Hill, South Carolina and Gerald Dixon Jr. from Northwestern in Rock Hill, South Carolina officially announced their commitments to South Carolina just a few moments ago.

The Dixons become the 27th and 28th verbal commitments for South Carolina's 2011 recruiting class. Dixon from South Pointe checks in at 6'2" and 235 pounds. Dixon Jr. from Northwestern stands 6'2" and weighs 246 pounds. Both are pretty big boys already and I would fully expect one to move inside and play defensive tackle at some point in the near future. Dixon from South Pointe lined up at defensive end opposite of Jadeveon Clowney and benefited greatly from his presence on the field.

These guys are all from the same area and have built up a friendship with one another. Being able to pick up these quality defensive lineman now and hopefully get them on campus to grow and blossom will be a blessing for USC. A redshirt year could benefit both greatly and I think you can afford to do that with both Dixons.

Welcome to USC guys.

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McEvoy Down To Final Two

It's getting closer and closer to National Signing Day and another USC target has cut his list and is much closer to making a decision.

USC and UNC have made the final cut for QB Tanner McEvoy from New Jersey according The Big Spur. McEvoy just finished up his first year playing quarterback at his high school and showed off the athletic ability that led USC to start recruiting as a QB instead of another position. He's talented enough to be a great wide receiver in college but both schools like his ability at QB especially on the run.

McEvoy previously had Michigan and Rutgers on his list but is no longer interested in those two. Miami started recruiting him again when new coach Al Golden took the job but he's unlikely to return any interest. USC and UNC have the best shot right now and expect McEvoy to land at one of those schools. He's got some family connections to Columbia and USC I believe and GA Mangus is recruiting McEvoy for USC so they have the edge right now. He will most likely be your QB prospect in this class outside Martay Mattox, who will end up at defensive back if QB doesn't work out.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Life of a Gamecock Fan is Moving!!

Don't worry folks. I'm not moving to Alaska.

I've decided it was time to upgrade the blog in hopes of attracting more readers and to get a more professional look. I'm also secretly hoping this could turn into a career at some point but for now I'm just happy to have this hobby of mine shared with all the different people that visit the blog and will hopefully visit the new website. I purchased my own domain name so now everyone can visit Life of a Gamecock at I've got all kinds of options with the website and can essentially customize it any way I want to. I can do social media stuff, message boards, comments, email address, etc. You name it and I can probably do it.

I'm looking to make an overall better option for Gamecock news and updates for all you fans. There are no ads or anything right now to clutter the site and not sure if there will be in the future. I hope everyone has enjoyed what I've done so far because now I've thrown a little bit of money into it. It's not a lot but I think it's worth it.

So be sure to visit Life of a Gamecock and check out some of the new articles up tonight as the site is live. I'll try to keep up with the blog as well so people can make sure to get all the news they need. Thanks for reading and be sure to message me with any suggestions for the new site.

Maryland Hires UCONN's Edsall

Maryland decided not to mess with the Pirate. The Terrapins have decided on Conneticut's Randy Edsall as their new head coach to take over for recently fired Ralph Friedgen. Edsall just finished his season with UConn last night as the Huskies lost to Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl 48-20. It's an accomplishment for a program that has only been in FBS Division 1-A football since the year 2000. Edsall has guided the Huskies for the past 10 years as has accomplished tremendous success as it was only a matter of time before he ended up at a bigger football school. Maryland just completed a 9-4 season with a victory in the Military Bowl.They return a talented quarterback in Danny O'Brien and should be able to continue building on this fine 2010 season.

I mentioned the Pirate because Mike Leach was apparently the front-runner for this position but the administration felt it needed to go a more conservative route for it's next head coach. Leach is certainly a character and has some off-the-field issues to contend with but he certainly would have brought some offensive firepower to the ACC. Leach will still be available and will more than likely garner some more looks down the road. Pittsburgh just opened up...again.

Randy Edsall is a good hire for Maryland and will be one of the most respected members of the ACC. He's handled himself extremely well and should be successful in Maryland.

Lattimore OK After Bowl Injuries

Marcus Lattimore suffered injuries in the first series of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl that caused the star running back to miss the rest of the game. Lattimore picked up a key 3rd down conversion on a 53-yard pass play from Stephen Garcia on a wheel route that ended up deep into the Florida State territory. 3 plays later on 3rd down, Lattimore caught a swing pass from Garcia and was hit right under the facemask area by Greg Reid of FSU and fumbled the ball for the first time this season. Lattimore's head banged against the turf in the Georgia Dome and was briefly knocked out before being helped off the field.

Lattimore's injuries were confirmed to be a slight concussion and a mouth injury that required some stitches. He was examined at the hospital but later released and was home with his family in Duncan, South Carolina.

Lattimore led South Carolina with 1,198 yards rushing and 17 rushing touchdowns. He also pitched in with 2 receiving touchdowns for a total of 19, 1 short of the SEC freshman record of 20.

Royster Might Drop Final Visits has a new article up on DB Sheldon Royster and the potential final official visits he may skip. Royster has scheduled visits to North Carolina and Michigan set up in January but it appears he may skip out on those visits. This seems to fall in line with what's been out there the past few weeks that this was essential a USC/Rutgers battle for this top defensive propsect. Royster has several connections to Rutgers with some friends and teammates looking to go there and he's from New Jersey. It makes a lot of sense for him to stay at his hometown team but South Carolina has done a fantastic job with Royster and selling him on everything that USC has to offer.

Royster would be afforded almost immediate playing time. The USC secondary struggled greatly in 2010 and needs an influx of new blood to help solidify a once dominant part of South Carolina football. I also think Royster has a better chance at championships at USC compared to Rutgers. USC won the SEC East and made it to the SEC Championship Game this year. The team returns a lot of talent in 2011 and is already expected to be a repeat contender for next season. Royster would help add more playmaking ability at the DB position and further increase the talent level on campus.

There are both positives and negatives to both schools in this battle but I'm thinking Royster will eventually choose USC. It appears a decision may come soon so USC could stand to gain a commitment from Royster in a few weeks. GA Mangus recruits up north heavily and should definitely be given some thanks if Royster comes down south. Look out for this story to unfold here in the next few weeks and we'll be sure to pass along any update we come across.

Royster considering dropping final visits

By Phil Kornblut

A source close to DB Sheldon Royster of Jersey City, NJ said earlier this week Royster was thinking about not taking his scheduled official visits in January to Michigan and North Carolina. That would leave him with a decision between USC and Rutgers, two schools he has visited. Royster is playing in the Chesapeake Bowl in Maryland this week, and he confirmed to the website that he's not sure he'll make the January trips. The report indicated Royster could have a decision sooner than later, perhaps as soon as this weekend, though Royster would not give a specific date for an announcement.