Friday, July 9, 2010


It was announced this afternoon that South Carolina will play Central Florida in a home and home series starting in 2013. The Gamecocks will travel to Orlando first in 2013 with the Knights coming to Columbia in 2015.

Its an interesting setup for USC as it's hard to get excited playing a team like UCF. No disrespect to the program but there is no advantage to playing this game. You win and its expected. You lose and the season could be over. Sure it looks good from a recruiting aspect as Carolina is heavily involved in the Florida hotbed of recruiting circles every year but it seems like that might be one of the few advantages. They made it seem like it would be a bit cheaper than a lower level school so that has to play a factor as well.

Here is the excerpt from The State:

Gamecocks heading to Florida

South Carolina is going to Orlando, but will not be stopping at Disney World or any of the other amusement parks in the theme-park mecca.
This will be a business trip for the Gamecocks, who will visit UCF in 2013 as part of a home-and-home football series with the Conference USA school.
USC will play the Knights on Sept. 28, 2013 at Bright House Networks Stadium, a 45,301-seat facility that replaced the Citrus Bowl as UCF's home in 2007. The Knights will return the game Sept. 26, 2015 in Columbia.
USC associate athletics director Charles Waddell said the home-and-home series with a team from a mid-level conference was attractive financially. Such teams now are commanding $1 million guarantees to travel to bigger schools for single games.
The Gamecocks will pay Navy a record $950,000 to come to Williams-Brice Stadium in 2011, and will dole out $900,000 to UAB to play in Columbia the following year.
USC will give UCF a $300,000 guarantee in 2015 to cover travel, hotel costs and other expenditures – the same payout the Gamecocks will receive for the 2013 game.
"It's a good regional matchup and you don't have to pay that $1 million to get someone in," Waddell said of the UCF series.
Waddell pointed to other factors for scheduling the Knights, who lost to USC 24-15 in 2005 in Steve Spurrier's first game with the Gamecocks. Waddell said Florida is one of USC's prime recruiting areas, and coaches can use the 2013 trip – the Gamecocks' only visit to the state that season – as a selling point to prospects from the state.
And then there is Spurrier's history in the state where he won a Heisman Trophy as a player and a national championship as a coach at Florida.
"To get Coach back down there other than in Gainesville had some appeal for the people there at Central (Florida)," said Waddell, who handles football scheduling. "Coach was OK with doing the game and it fit with what we were trying to do."
Asked if Spurrier would still be at USC in 2013, Waddell noted that Spurrier is under contract through 2014.
This is not the first time USC has scheduled a series with a Conference USA school under athletics director Eric Hyman. The Gamecocks have five upcoming games with East Carolina in a series that includes two games in Charlotte, two in Columbia and one in Greenville, N.C.
Waddell said the UAB game in 2012 should be finalized soon. The schools have agreed to play Sept. 15, 2012 to fill out the Gamecocks' nonconference schedule that season. USC will host East Carolina and Wofford and travel to Clemson in 2012.
Waddell said the rising guarantees for nonconference games are a concern, but will not send USC's athletics budget into the red.
"We are fortunate enough that we can pay a million dollars and not go in the hole. A lot of people don't have the ability to do that. So they have to do the home-and-home versus losing money," he said. "If you've got a 40,000, 50,000-seat stadium, you're going to be hard pressed to make money paying a guarantee of $1 million."

What do you think Gamecock fans? Are you excited? It would be a fun road trip that's for sure.


Chris said...

You gotta be kidding me. UCF? Who's next, Newberry College.

DAVE5454 said...

I am an alumnus of UCF and we are definitely no Newberry Collge. For the truth of the matter UCF has the 3rd largest enrollment in the USA and the largest enrollment in the state of Florida, yes bigger than UF. UCF has facilities that are the best in the state and one of the best in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're not a gamecock, just a d*ck.


Anonymous said...

Is that UCF's claim to fame - having the 3rd largest enrollment in the country? That must make them good. Oh, wait...

Adam said...

And the trash talking begins!!!

Not really my intent with the post but I guess anything can happen. I'm glad we got a few UCF fans in the mix. I can see this being a big game for them. Anytime you get an SEC program to come to town, its good for the program. I will guarantee a TV spot, extra revenue from the Gameocks fans, and an overall good game.

Like I mentioned in the post, the game doesn't really help USC though. It's one of the trap games where you have to win but if you don't it screams some repercussions later in the year. I'm not saying USC is the top dog but you have to expect USC will be favored in this matchup.

Either way it's atleast an interesting step outside the conference into a play you normally wouldn't visit. Although if I'm taking the risk I want it to be Miami or FSU. But that's a whole other story. Thanks for swinging by UCF fans and Gameocks fans. Let's all play nice but feel free to keep th e comments coming.

Anonymous said...

I like UCF's chances in this game. Take a look at the box score from 2005:

This is coming off a 0-11 season fro UCF in 2004.

The Cocks are going to get wacked in Orlando!

Adam said...

I'm all for being confident and applaud you for that but a box score from a game 5 years ago means nothing.

I'm sure both programs are better overall but the edge still has to go to the SEC on paper right now. USC doesn't seem to blow many teams out so I would expect it to be somewhat close right now.

Sound like a good matchup and a few fans are already excited about it. Saw some pictures of the facilities and they look great. Good luck in the upcoming seasons guys.

Jim said...

Ask NC State how good we are. You know, that team you can barely score on. Oh wait, that's pretty much everybody.

Adam said...

Jim, while we only scored 7 points this year against NC State, we also scored 34 the year before. This is also the same amount of points we scored on the ACC Atlantic champion Clemson Tigers. So basically the point is things happen. Teams change in the year. Teams change from year to year. I will still stick to my guns and say USC will be favored in this game in 2013 but we just truly don't know until the game is played. So let's leave it at.

Joel, thanks for the comment. USC fans on a whole are a good group. Sure we may have some lofty expectations time to time but what school doesn't? I hope UCF has a good year this year. I might have to try them out on NCAA 2011 and start scouting for 2013!

Jim said...

Chris may want to go back into the archives and do some checking of previous scores. In 1998 UCF lost in Columbia by 2 points. In 2005 UCF lost in Columbia by 9.

To act like we are Newberry College is a bit condescending. Especially for a school that routinely goes 7-6 and can't even score on UConn.

You come to Orlando and take that game lightly, you'll be making a big mistake. As Texas about coming in there. They won the game, but their fans didn't have much to say on the way out of the stadium.

Dan said...

I love it. USC fans talking as if they were a dominant team.... and as if they could beat Newberry College.

Cora Wingfield said...

This is pretty great for me! Why? i just moved from Columbia, for a film school and i was sad usc was not going to florida and now i found out usc is playing ucf... I was like WHAT?! Yeah maybe not the gators that we are playing here but hey i can still see my boys play around me! I AM SO HAPPY! ORLANDO GONNA TURN GARNET THAT DAY!

Anonymous said...

"Its an interesting setup for USC as it's hard to get excited playing a team like UCF. No disrespect to the program but there is no advantage to playing this game. You win and its expected. You lose and the season could be over."

You sound pretty stupid now don't. Just a 7-point favorite? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Losing by 10 at the half. Maybe Newberry College is more your speed.