Tuesday, August 3, 2010

J. Clowney and his Facebook

The other day the #1 player in the nation, Jadeveon Clowney, decided to make a status update. Little did he know that his status update on Facebook would set off an internet uproar based on what he said. Clowney posted, "just got back, been thinking bout my life i think i'm goin to bama." There was also one of these at the end...;) or something to the effect. This caused both Alabama fans and South Carolina fans to react emotionally because we are the two presumed favorites to land Clowney and his talents.

We all know Facebook is evil. We use it but it's evil. The fact that people will take what a kid said over Facebook as fact is a bit insane. Clowney may ultimately go to Alabama but to think he's got his mind made up right now is kind of hard to believe. Yes there has been talk of him committing early based on the fact that he doesn't like the recruiting game but this is a guy who can go anywhere in the country. I think he's going to put a little more thought into it instead of just releasing some random statement on Facebook.

South Carolina stands a good chance here. So does Alabama. So could another school but I wouldn't believe one minute that Clowney is going to Alabama based on a Facebook post. Let's not freak out just yet. If we start off rough this football season, then it's time to panic.

Here's an article about the Clowney Facebook post:
Jadeveon Clowney, welcome to the Internet age. Clowney, a 6-foot-6, 248-pound defensive end from Rock Hill, S.C., is ranked as the top college football prospect in the country by Rivals, Scout and ESPN and is also No. 1 on the Press-Register's Super Southeast 120. This weekend, his Facebook status read: "just got back, been thinkin about my life i think i'm going to bama." The post was repeated on several Alabama Internet sites and chat rooms as some fans wondered whether a commitment to the Tide was forthcoming. But Clowney's coach at Rock Hill's South Pointe High, Bobby Carroll, said after speaking with Clowney on Monday that the blue-chip prospect remains undecided about his college choice. "I think he was just cutting up on the Internet," Carroll said.


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